Vaction Time

After the last bell ring ringed, the students were liberated from their harsh leash and jumped a hundred times to celebrate vacation time.

And enjoying the vacations, I totally forgot about the Scholastic Diary. Sorry for the 4 daily visitors; I apologize before thee.

I want to clear out that in vacations, there are NO scholar experiences. Zero. So I want to leave you now with a funny image:

Hidden school violence.

Hidden school violence.


Promiscuous Turtles

Almost everitime I swing my head towards the front yard of one specific house in my walk school-home, I can’t avoid the watching of this somewhat disturbing scene:

Are they using protection?

Are they using protection?


[I decided not to put a video ’cause the noises Mr. turtle makes are disturbing]

The mystery goes around on why these turtles did it almost every day and why they still don’t have baby turtles. Maybe now tortoises have birth control?

The sleepy times of English

I bet EVERYONE who has been a student has at least once had the following experience:




So that’s what probably happens at ourenglish class. Sleep time! [Lullababy song]. Though our literature teacher is funny and somewhat crazy, the fact of only entering the classroom makes my classmates yawny.

Miss Piekos, our teacher.

Miss Piekos, our teacher.

Thank goodness at least we have finished reading Romeo and Juliet and The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. But seriously, we should do more interesting things. Or maybe it’s the class lights, which are so dim that you can barely see (metaphorically).



OH YEAH!!!!1


Ahh, which 90’s youth didn’t like this movie? (If you don’t you are abnormal). Probably the best thing EVER we have done in English Class (Just for fun).

When The Algebra Teacher goes “PC”

Probably the most hated and the most loved, the solver and the troublemaker, the YES and NO: Math.

What the teacher erases before you enter to his class the first day of school

What the teacher erases before you enter to his class the first day of school

Usually, the teacher is an old, grumpy man who alters at the first sight of a bad formulated Cosine theorem and who ignores a simple mistake of 2+3=6.

Not my case.

Though I demonstrate a huge interest in class and my Cosine theorems are perfect, Mr. Algebra always tries to identify the less significant error to make me rip my exams.

[Tragic & horrorific background music]

Thank goodness he has still a little mercy on me, so I don’t fail and thus I don’t go on Saturdays to try to recover a useless matter for the entire of my life. [Hallelujah Chorus]

At least is not like in the good ol’days, when students were butt-kicked by angry teachers. Now we have muchhhh more respectful, honest, good-minded proffessors:

Tah na naah naah da na...

Tah na naah naah da na...


Poor 14-year-olds. They had to suffer at the sight not only of a male educator, but also at a fat one.


Anyway, keep account. Be ready and prepared, for the evil, nonsense monster of CALCULUS will be looking for YOU.


The Beggining of the Story

Where’s a teacher when you less care? Answer: In the secret teacher’s room, enyoing a bunch of the school-forbidden Pepsis and planning how to torture his/her students. MUHAHAHA!!!

The secret side of teachers

The secret side of teachers

Ok, let’s get real. My name is Cesar (Imperial mode: CAESAR) and I’m a normal student like YOU. That’s right, student to student, learner to learner. And this blog is the Diary of my typical but extraordinaire adventures in a typical High School.


Anyway, this blog will be scenario of homework and mystery, adventures and frog dissections. [Radio broadcast style] Yessssssss sir! The Scholastic Diary will be airing Monday to Friday, normal schooldays! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!

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